My name is Carissa, and my wonderful husband and I have two rambunctious and crazy bulldogs, Blue and Bella. I am a full-time college student and US Coast Guard veteran living in Hawaii with a extreme passion for reading that was discovered somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Throughout my childhood, teens, and young adulthood I enjoyed reading; however, it was nowhere to the extent that it is now. I found that while underway on a Coast Guard cutter , there was not much to do besides work and read books which eventually led me to be the avid reader I am now. Reading several books led me to discover Goodreads, which then led me to this blog. I have found that I really enjoy writing reviews for the books that I read, and I would love to share with everyone my thoughts!

My primary focus is to review books. My favorite genres are literary fiction, ‘women’s’ fiction, historical fiction, memoirs, thrillers, and horror. I tend to stay away from young adult and fantasy.