Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson


Publication Date: January 24th, 2017

This review does not contain spoilers

This unique story of 352 pages is unlike anything I have ever read before. This book focuses on Izzy Poole who is our main character. Izzy has recently graduated high school and suddenly falls pregnant with her art teachers baby. She doesn’t really have a lot going for her at home, her dad is a drunk, and her mom is dead. One day, as Izzy is working her shift at the local BBQ joint, Dr. Grind comes to visit her with a unique proposition. The proposition is that Dr. Grind is offering her a spot in the ‘Infinite Family Project’, which is where multiple families and their babies will come to live together at a complex and raise their babies as if they are one big family. Izzy’s baby will not be raised as if she is his only mother, but as if there are many different mothers and fathers. Izzy will also suddenly become a mother to nine other children. The Infinite Family Project is apart of Dr. Grind’s study, and the “theory is that the more parental love a child receives, the better off they are.” (Goodreads). What seems like an ideal way of living to many of the families at the complex at first, might not be so ideal in the end.

As for my thoughts, I thought this was a truly unique reading experience. As I stated earlier, I have never read anything like this before. Ever since I saw this book as one of the options for the ‘Book of the Month’ club subscription box, I knew I was going to pick this up at some point. This was an easy read that I was able to get through pretty fast, and I continuously wanted to know what would happen to Izzy and her child in the end. I enjoyed the premise of this, and I enjoyed getting to know all of the characters more and more as the years went on.

A few things I did not enjoy so much, was the fact that since there were so many different characters, it was a little hard to keep track of who was who at any given point in the story. I also found some things in this story to be pretty predictable, and nothing that happened left me surprised in any way. Overall, I still thought this was a fun read that is worth a go. I also couldn’t help but crave BBQ food the entire time I read this. There is so much talk about southern BBQ in this book that it will literally make your mouth water. I am willing to bet that the author is a BIG fan of that type of food.

I rated this 3 out of 5 stars.



3 thoughts on “Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson”

  1. I’d like to read about Izzy as it seems like Izzz Poole has a rough time with mum dead and her dad a drunk followed by getting pregnant by her art teacher. My kind of book.

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