The Fated Path by Greg Albright

fated path

Publication Date: January 31st, 2017

This review does not contain spoilers.

This is a historical fiction tale that is told from three different perspectives, and takes place in California and Mexico when the hunt for gold became an epidemic in the area. We meet our first character, Joshua Miner , and the novel starts us off in the Sierra Nevada mountains. We soon learn that Joshua’s sister Ruth had been abducted right in front of him when they were children, and this all happened in the very same foothills that Joshua is traveling on when he decides that he must start his journey to find out what happened to his sister twenty years ago, and if she might still be alive. Not only do we get to see the journey Joshua takes to find his sister, and the characters we meet along the way, but this story also takes us far back in time to the late 1700’s, where we see little glimpses of how the gold in the region started to become highly sought after.

As for my thoughts, I really enjoyed the overall story I got from this. I really liked two of the three perspectives we got to read from, which were both Joshua and Ruth’s perspectives. I did however, think the 3rd perspective, which was from a couple different characters from the 1700’s wasn’t a big necessity, and didn’t really add anything to the story. When reading these sections, I kept wondering how most of it had anything to do with the plot of the story with Joshua and Ruth; however, you do end up seeing that some of the things you read about eventually tie in with the story of the main characters near the end.

I liked how this was an outdoor adventure tale that took me all over California and Mexico on foot, and on horse. The description of the location really made me feel like I was there experiencing everything that was going on for myself. I did run into several minor typos that I wish I could have edited out, but if you are looking for a story that is adventurous and unique, you might really enjoy this. I thought it was a solid, well thought out book that is worth a read!

I rated this 3.5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.



1 thought on “The Fated Path by Greg Albright”

  1. Love finding a place with honest book reviews without being harsh for the sake of it! I’m always on the hunt for the next good book, but the ones I keep picking just aren’t doing it for me! Sounds like here there is an eclectic mix. I look forward to reading more of your reviews and hopefully picking up some new titles!

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