The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters


I will start this blog off with a bang featuring this gem of a book that I finished near the end of last year. (2016)

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. Published 2010.

This book was my first introduction to Sarah Water’s work and all I can say now is that I will be reading everything else that is written by her.  If you are looking for a story that is reminiscent of a classic gothic tale, then look no further.

Dr. Faraday is called upon to visit a patient at Hundreds Hall. He has always been fascinated with the hall ever since he was a young child and his mother worked as a maid there. Hundreds was once seen as one of the most grand houses of it’s original era, but has since seen a massive decline and abandonment within the past several decades. The decor is deteriorating, the walls are falling apart, there are no more events or guests bustling in and out, the only ones left at Hundred’s are 4 members of the Ayres family who has called the hall home for more than 2 centuries. When Dr. Faraday arrives to treat the one and only maid still working at the hall he soon learns that not everything is as it seems inside. Something dark and mysterious is happening inside and Dr. Faraday gets terrifyingly intertwined with those living in the hall.

This is not your typical horror or thriller that are so publicized today. This is more of a literary ‘slow burn’ type of novel. It is quite atmospheric, and you really get a sense of being there at the hall. The writing is fantastic and the character development is excellent. This book forces you to focus on the characters more so than the overall plot which is a plus for me!

Check it out!



6 thoughts on “The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters”

  1. I read Fingersmith and Paying Guests. Loved both of them. This one’s on my to-read list. She’s got such a knack for really great storytelling, doesn’t she?


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